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Advancements in Video Surveillance Equipment

Video surveillance equipment is no longer an uncommon sight. In the current digital age, security camera systems are in use all over the world across virtually every industry. Video surveillance can be found protecting everything from homes to businesses, communities, public highways, vehicles, and anything in between.

The reasons video surveillance equipment has become so popular across so many different applications is due to its improved functionality and affordability. Like many technological industries, the advancements of surveillance technologies continue to happen at impressively fast rates.

The affordability of security products has further allowed many people to invest in a system of their own. The widespread network of distributors and wholesale security camera suppliers has increased affordability to the point where security products can be bought on virtually any size budget.

On top of that, security camera systems are becoming easier to install and use. User-friendliness has opened up the possibilities to use video surveillance equipment so much so that even people with little to no knowledge of security cameras can still manage to take advantage of their own security solution.

Here at eLine Technology, we are proud to be at the forefront of progressing the security and surveillance industry. Our team of security experts manufactures and supplies wholesale security products to local dealers around the world. Doing so allows their customers to gain access to some of the most advanced surveillance technologies available at prices that are actually affordable.

The article below will showcase some of the ways we are helping to advance the future of the security and surveillance industry. We will also highlight some of the very surveillance technologies we provide people with.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our wholesale security products or wish to become a registered dealer with exclusive access to the video surveillance equipment we have available, contact us to learn how to become a registered reseller.

Advancements in Video Surveillance Equipment

Security Cameras & Video Recording Devices

It’s no surprise that modern security cameras are more functional and useful than ever before. The advancements in wireless network technologies incorporated into IP security camera systems have made the convenience and usefulness of security cameras better for all types of casual and professional users.

What’s more, modern security cameras come equipped with key features that incorporate some of the latest surveillance technologies available. Many of the features found in video surveillance equipment were only available to the military up until only a handful of years ago.

Similarly, video recording devices are better designed and are capable of wirelessly receiving, transmitting, and storing data. Cloud-based network video recording devices are among the most popular video management systems available today and there is every indication that these advancements will continue to proceed in increasingly innovative ways at faster and faster rates.

Intelligent Video Analytics

The modern advancements of intelligent video analytics software are probably the most influential change in video surveillance equipment. Whereas before a user would have to manually monitor security and surveillance devices, now intelligent video analytics can do so without the need for any user interaction.

Facial recognition, thermal imaging, license plate capture, motion detection, missing object, intrusion, auto-tracking, and other useful features are all thanks to the capabilities associated with intelligent video analytics software.

Integrating the capabilities of surveillance software with newer security devices as well as other electronics is creating a reality where less video surveillance equipment will be necessary in order to achieve all of its uses. Smart device integration and custom applications are already capable of capturing and processing details outside of human ability.

Furthermore, the abilities of the surveillance software continue to be improved upon, reducing false alerts and improving accuracy. As intelligent video analytics continues to become more and more fine-tuned, it will become more useful in its applications while providing even more uses as of yet unavailable.

Remote Accessibility

The usefulness of security camera systems has dramatically increased ever since remote technology became available. Rather than having to stream video surveillance footage directly to a single component, now anyone can access live streams of security cameras connected wirelessly through a LAN network.

Remote video monitoring services are overtaking traditional on-site security guards. Users are able to view both live and past footage from virtually anywhere through their own network-connected devices.

The advantages of remote technology have given users the ever-coted peace of mind that first inspired the use of security devices. Having no limits to where you can monitor security cameras as well as the incorporation of intelligent software that automatically alerts users of suspicious activities has increased the usefulness of video surveillance equipment for every level user.

Continuing Advancements

There are obvious signs as to where the future of security and surveillance is headed. However, perhaps the most impressive advancements have not been imagined or developed, at least not yet.

The increasingly interconnected network of security and surveillance businesses is enabling designers and manufacturers to continue to find more and more innovative surveillance technologies to further the industry.

Our mission at eLine Technology is to remain at the forefront of this ever-growing industry. Being part of a network of security camera distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers is how the continuing advancements are made possible. If you’d like to become part of this successful network yourself, contact us to learn how to become a registered reseller today.

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