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25 Jun 2020

Security Camera Dealer: eLine Technology is #1

The number one Security Camera Dealer in the nation is eLine Technology!. Our Team is made up of a group of highly trained security camera pros. This includes support techs, salesmen, and customer service. We are known for bringing the highest quality security products at unbeatable wholesale pricing. Also, we offer top tier tech support to keep your product working and stable. This gives you the tools you need to perform the smoothest installations, the easiest setups, and a clear-cut troubleshooting experience like no other team can offer you..

Today’s highly saturated security camera market is a world where it is getting more and more difficult to see if your getting the best possible deal there is, on the best product available. We are the nation’s number one Security Camera Dealer, and our catalog of available security cameras and recording equipment is thorough, and filled with quality products to suit your needs. We carry highly specialized AI Network PTZ cameras, Ai recorders, and advance POE switches, all the way down to the simplest fixed 1080p cameras. Our incredibly knowledgeable Sales Professionals are highly educated on the items in our product catalog and will be able to anything you could think of when it comes to availability, compatibility, or any general questions you could possibly have about how something works. We are confident that our sales Pros will make sure that whichever product you choose to purchase from us will be the best product, for your intended purpose, the first time.

Tedious set up is often a part of the Security Equipment field- which can often be complicated and unclear on operational instructions without proper knowledge or support. When you’re looking to choose the best Security Camera Dealer, it’s imperative to think about the and quality and quantity of the technical support you’ll receive from the dealer. eLine Technology ‘s team of Tech support specialists caries with them a knowledge base and support level that is unheard of in the industry. Let’s say we are highly well-known in the industry as setting the standard for the tech support, and level of dedication to making sure your purchase works for you, the way it should. This amazing level of support is completely included with any purchase, for as long as you keep the prodcut.

The biggest benefit of using eLine Technology as your Security Camera Dealer, rather than a retail store, is our pricing model.  Wholesale distributors tend to purchase large quantities of different items at once. This is because they get these items at a significantly reduced cost per unit than if they were to purchase the same products through a retail counterpart. With eLine Technology this relationship is even better, we work with our partners to deliver special seasonal discounts, year-round deals, and other bonuses that will make purchasing your security product through eLine Technology, the only logical choice!

Security Camera Dealer: eLine Technology is #1

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Surveillance Video Analytics- Uses and Benefits

What Are Analytics

Surveillance video analytics is a category of software used to automatically monitor your surveillance video. It scans for predetermined elements, such as motion, and flags each instance of these events found. Per the user’s preferred settings, certain events can trigger alarms or notifications sent to the system administrator. Video analytics are a great way to organize and utilize your CCTV footage. 

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01 Apr 2020

Video Management options from eLine Wholesale Camera Distributors

eLine wholesale camera distributors has established itself as an industry leader in surveillance technology manufacturing and distribution. Our vast selection of products covers all areas of security equipment including IP cameras, HD over coax cameras, and a variety of video recorders. Today we will take a look at the types of video management systems offered by Eline and break down their differences. The video management systems we offer can be broken down into 5 categories: Tribrid DVR Recorders, HDCVI DVR Recorders, HDTVI Quadbrid DVR Recorders, IP NVR Recorders, and Video Analytics. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at some basic CCTV vocabulary that will help when deciding between different video management options. 

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