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32 Channel NVR

Searching for a 32 Channel NVR but having little luck? Well eLine Technology can help get you on the right path and with a great system. With over a decade of Video Security Experience and various products we are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs! eLine Technology’s complete low voltage security solutions help integrators and security dealers increase profitability and our expert customer support service helps to make installation simpler. A 32 Channel NVR is used in surveillance systems. It is used in all sorts of operations and its importance cannot be undermined. As a matter of fact, it is the heart and soul of all NVRs and their various applications. But, you might ask, what should I look for in a 32 channel NVR?

Many customers ask us what they should look for in a camera system and how they determine if the product meets their security needs. One of the top features we hear is the availability of a “32-Channel NVR”. The term “32” stands for “channels” which means the number of security cameras that can be recorded using a standard 32 channel NVR which stands for “network video recorder”. This makes the product superior to smaller 16, 8, and 4 channel network video recorders. Although newer cameras have higher resolution, many businesses are finding that a 32-channel NVR will give them the most coverage for their cameras.

A 32-channel NVR can also provide consumers with many more options in terms of monitoring. Some products allow for live view, pan/tilt/zoom, and touch screen controls, as well as automatic recording/ playback. These capabilities increase the usefulness of the camera beyond its primary purpose, which is to secure and monitor premises. Today’s security cameras are able to record video footage in full HD for playback in the office or in a surveillance system. The availability of special effects, improved color depth, and fast transfer rates make the quality of the video much better than the old CRT security camera.

Another top feature is the inclusion of two independent channels. Most security cameras use one internal camera and one external camera. However, many businesses benefit from having dual cameras, one inside each channel. With two cameras, an organization can monitor each of the main entrances/exclusions with ease.

Some cameras also offer High Definition Night Vision. This technology uses monochrome cameras to capture photos in the dark. Utilizing this capability allows for better night vision for businesses while they are on the clock and gives them a competitive edge against other businesses in their field who may not be as adept at monitoring in the dark. This is especially useful if the company does a lot of nighttime business. This feature is particularly important if the business has a large amount of inventory or heavy security measures in its property.

A final quality feature that the new series offers comes in the form of a USB interface. This is a standard connection for many new products, but it is extremely helpful for this device. This means that anyone with a USB port can connect their own nvr to the network. Because the device uses its own bandwidth, no company is required to host the device or maintain its own network. Instead, all that is required is that the user uploads the product images to their PC and then connects their device to the network. This is a great way for businesses to save money without decreasing their level of service to their customers.

Overall, the 32-Channel NVR is an excellent piece of equipment for any business that needs to protect its property. It has a great range of features that help to ensure that no matter where a customer is located, they will be given top quality service. Even if a business does not have security cameras yet, installing a new one is a great way to improve security. It also has a USB interface, which means that it is very easy to add on to in the future. This makes it one of the most flexible and useful products available. Any company that wants to take advantage of the benefits of a NVR should definitely look into a 32-Channel NVR.If you have any questions our team is  more than happy to get you everything you need to know to make the most informed decision possible! Our goal is to provide our users with a better experience whenever they need help and advice from a customer or technical support team member. Call eLine Technology at 800-683-6835 to speak with one of our support staff members. You can also contact eLine Technology by email if you need any more information regarding any of our products or available services.

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32 Channel NVR


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