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03 May 2017

Security Camera Distributors

eLine Technology is a leading developer, manufacturer, and wholesale distributor of quality surveillance systems, security technology, equipment, and software. We only conduct business with authorized distributors and dealers; we operate in this fashion to ensure that we are never in competition with the stores we are selling to. Since our foundation nearly a decade ago, eLine Technology has evolved into a valued industry leader and Distributor of Network Video and CCTV equipment. eLine specializes in the wholesale distribution & support of security-centrist surveillance camera systems equipment & services; this tactic of specialization helps us provide the best service and information available. We are national security camera distributors, with a wide selection of products, poised to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

We are highly personable distributors that have built a strong foundation of security system design and surveillance equipment sales that are hard to compete. eLine technology distinguishes itself amongst others in the industry through the quality of our representation. We are determined to have salespeople and a technical support team that has a conglomeration of characteristics we deem necessary. Our staff consists of motivated, learned, polite individuals work to problem solve through proper amounts of communication. We are happy to go above and beyond to meet all your company needs.

eLine Technology functions as a proficient surveillance dispensation solution. We strive to be the national, wholesale panacea for security camera distributors. We have completed over 22,000 company projects and are experiencing annual growth of about 20%. Our with the ever-increasing demands of the industry we facilitate the continuous growth of:

  • Technical Support Services
  • Expanded Product Offerings
  • Increased Buying Power.


eLine Technology’s extensive experience among varying industries allows us to create unique system solutions that cater to the individual needs of individual businesses. We have over 45 distinct distribution locations and over 140 current security products. Our CCTV and Video management packages created for security camera distributors provide powerful security resolutions for many different industries including:

  • Construction Site Security
  • Border Patrol Security
  • Oil and Gas Security
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Grocery Stores’ Security
  • Convenience Stores’ Security  


We work diligently to catch and prevent any problems with our technology and addressing concerns or issues as we find them. Despite our efforts, we understand that technology will sometimes have defects or issues that cannot be remedied. We also understand that many times after an initial purchase we might find another product better suited for our needs. For these reasons, eLine Technology has a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy. We will accept the return of any new, unopened item for a full refund. We will also accept returns or exchanges of opened products past our 30-day guarantee if it is defective and still remains under product warranty.

We have three main categories of security cameras we carry and specialize in. They each have unique characteristics and advantages to allow us to help any and all interested connoisseurs. Our security camera inventory includes:


Our IP network security cameras are extremely reliable while providing high definition video quality. Our extensive selection of advanced features, body styles, and image resolution allow us to customize the best security system for your business together. HD over coax cameras are one of the best options when looking for an affordable HD security solution. eLIne offers HD over coax cameras that provide an HD video solutions for coaxial cable installs; we have HD technology’s to fit any installation such as AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and 960H analog. Our 4G solar surveillance cameras can be set up in minutes at any location that has proper 4G cellular service. 4G cellular service has helped bring surveillance cameras to locations that were previously too costly or arduous to install. With our 4G solar surveillance cameras, you can stream video, whenever you’d like to or need to, directly from the camera’s internal storage.

Maintenance and service is a key aspect in helping security camera distributors succeed in their business. As technological providers in the security industry offering and even pushing for regular maintenance for your customers’ purchased security cameras. This is because providing continuous, great service will instill confidence in your company and brand loyalty to your benefit. Though maintenance will also generate revenue for your business, it is wiser to focus on the relationships it can help you create with your existing customers. As you prove to your customers that you will take care of any issues correctly and with haste, the regular maintenance you are providing will build deeper, more personal connections. These better relationships highly increase the likelihood that existing customers will:

  • Return for upgrades in the future
  • Call your company if interested in increasing inventory
  • Recommend your services to their friends, associates, and clientele


When security camera distributors have purchased from us, they can rest easy knowing we can help with service, technical problems, and support them with any problems they have encountered. eLine provides local, U.S based technical support that will work with members of your company’s team until we have reached a resolution for any and all issues. While providing service you can count on us as if we were members of your own staff. We will always put our best efforts and attitude forward while providing you and your clients any kind of support. As wholesale security distributors, we see the security camera distributors that purchase our equipment as valuable and essential business partners. When it comes to reaching customer service and satisfaction we know that communication and a knowledgeable team can take you to the finish line. Contact us today if interested in any of our products or to have any questions addressed.

Security Camera Distributors

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01 Feb 2017

Basic Network Setup: For ECOM/ECO4/PRO4/SIP2/IP5 Series Recorders

From the Live Screen:

Step1: Right-click and choose MAIN MENU

Basic Network Setup-click main menu

Basic Network Setup-click main menu











Step2: Login with admin account

Step3:Click on NETWORK under SETTINGS (bottom row)

Basic Network Setup-Main Menu Screen

Basic Network Setup-Main Menu Screen














Step4: Select DHCP

Basic Network Setup-Select DHCP

Basic Network Setup-Select DHCP











Step5: APPLY and SAVE (Returns to Main Menu)

Step6: Click on the NETWORK icon under INFO (middle Column)

Step7: Click on LOAD

Step8:Verify LAN1 shows SUCCEED, and has a new IP address.

Basic Network Setup-Verify Network Succeed

Basic Network Setup-Verify Network Succeed



If the IP address does not change after setting the DVR to DHCP. Check the network by opening a Command prompt window (Search > CMD) using a PC.
Type IPCONFIG, the first 3 digits of the PC IP address should match the DVR NEW IP ADDRESS. If these numbers do not match, troubleshoot cabling and network ports on the switch or router.

Basic Network Setup-Main Menu Screen

When IP address has been verified, return to MAIN MENU

  •  Click NETWORK (Bottom row)
  • Select STATIC
  • Verify Information
  • APPLY and SAVE
  • Login to the router and proceed with port forwarding to the DVR.
    You will need to forward the HTTP and TCP port to the DVR IP address.
  • The default ports are:
    • HTTP: 80 (recommended : Change this port for internet security)
    • TCP: 37777
      Reference as a good website for configuring many routers

Download “Basic Network Setup: ECOM| ECO4|PRO4|SIP2| IP5 RECORDERS” EL-Series-Basic-Net-Setup.pdf – Downloaded 51 times – 407 KB

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31 May 2016
27 May 2016

How to configure Motion Detection and recording for eLine Tribrid Recorders

Technical Support Knowledge Base: How to configure Motion Detection and recording for eLine Tribrid Recorders

Click Here to Download a Printable PDF

From Live screen:

  • Right click and choose Main Menu
  • Login
  • Click on the CAMERA icon [bottom row]
  • Click on ENCODE [Left column]
  • Select the recording resolution and frame rates desired for each camera
  • Click APPLY and SAVE when all cameras have been adjusted
  • ENABLE motion for each channel
  • Click region SETUP (do this for all channels) To select a region – left click and drag across screen to turn blocks red RED = Motion CLEAR = NO motion


  •  Right click to exit region settings
  • Click APPLY and SAVE
  • Click on the STORAGE icon [bottom row]
  • Click SCHEDULE
  • Click on the COG WHEEL icon  [right side]
  • Deselect REGULAR and SELECT MD for Period 1


  •  Select ALL for all days, click SAVE
  • Click COPY and select ALL for all cameras
  • Click APPLY
  • Click RECORD [Left column]
  • Select ALL button listed under MAIN STREAM  SCHEDULE (or it also may say AUTO)
  • Click APPLY/OK
  • Right-Click to exit the Menu A green camera / red running men icons appear at the top right corner of each camera if motion is detecting. THERE ARE NO ICONS visible if motion is not being detected.


  •  Green camera = Recording to the HDD
  • Red running men = Motion is enabled and working
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27 May 2016

eLine Tribrid DVR How to guide Startup Wizard and Configure Motion Detection

eLine Tribrid DVR How to guide Startup Wizard and Configure Motion Detection

Click Here for a Printable PDF version

  • When the system has started, and the wizard is still enabled:Deselect ‘startup’ Click NEXT STEP  [FIG. 1]

Figure 1: Startup Wizard Screen
Figure 1: Startup Wizard Screen

  • Verify HDD is set to overwrite
  • Click DATE&TIME  Tab
  • Configure your system date and time settings *Suggestion* Do not enable NTP unless required
  • Click NEXT STEP
  • Plug in a network cable, and select DHCP (to obtain an IP and verify the connection)  [FIG. 2]
Figure 2: Select the circle dot to high-lite yellow next to DHCP

Figure 2: Select the circle dot to high-lite yellow next to DHCP

  • Click NEXT STEP
  • Click on the ‘cog wheel’ button on the right side of the screen [FIG.3]

Figure 3: On this screen click the "cog-wheel or gear" button
Figure 3: On this screen click the “cog-wheel or gear” button

  • Deselect REGULAR and SELECT MD for Period 1 [FIG.4]

Figure 4: make sure MD is highlighted and check yellow and Regular is not
Figure 4: make sure MD is highlighted and check yellow and Regular is not

  •  Select ALL for all days, click SAVE
  • Click COPY and apply to all channels
  • Click FINISH
  • Right-Click main screen choose MAIN MENU
  • Login
  • Click STORAGE icon > SETTINGS row
  • Click RECORD in the left column [FIG.5]

Figure 5: On this screen click record highlighted in black

Figure 5: On this screen click record highlighted in black

  • Select ALL button listed under MAIN STREAM – SCHEDULE (or may say AUTO)

  • SAVE
  • Right-Click to exit the Menu System is now configured for motion recording

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27 May 2016

eLine Tribrid DVR and NVR’s Search Mode and Export procedure How to Guide

Technical Support Knowledge Base: Search Mode and Export procedure How to Guide

Click Here to Download Printable PDF version 

Basic search From Live camera view:

  1. Figure 1: Right click to populate menu and choose SEARCH

    Figure 1: Right click to populate menu and choose SEARCH

    Right-click and choose SEARCH  [FIG. 1]

  2. Click the calendar DATE for playback [FIG. 2] Light blue = recorded video on that date
  3. Select the channel grid and camera selection (below the calendar)
  4. Click on a colored area in the timeline at the bottom Yellow = Motion  Green = Manual/Constant Red = Alarm
  5. The timeline displays 24hrs by default,  to decrease the span of time, click on the + icons labeled 2hr / 1 hr / 30min (bottom right corner)
  6. To change the selected camera, you must stop the playback first
    Figure 2: Click the calendar date. High-lite in light blue.

    Figure 2: Click the calendar date. High-lite in light blue.

Exporting video Comes in 2 Methods

Method 1:

  1. From live screen, plug in a USB flash drive, and wait for the selection window to appear
  2. Click on FILE BACKUP [FIG. 3]
  3. Input the Start time / End time [FIG. 4]
  4. Choose the RECORD CHANNEL that you want to backup
  5. Choose the FILE FORMAT DAV = Will need the video player  ASF = Will playback through Windows Media Player
    Figure 3: Once USB is plugged in this selection window will appear

    Figure 3: Once USB is plugged in this selection window will appear

  6. Click ADD
  7. Any file found for the time frame indicated will populate in the backup box.  Put a checkmark in each file you want to export
  8. Click BACKUP
  9. A progress bar will appear and when complete, you can remove the USB drive

Method 2:

  1. From live screen, right click and choose MAIN MENU
  2. Login
  3. Click the BACKUP icon on the top row
    Figure 4: Choose the star time and End Time from the timeline

    Figure 4: Choose the star time and End Time from the timeline

  4. Follow steps 3-9 from Method 1 above  
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20 Apr 2015

IMPORTANT! Sniper Cameras Setting up NVR-10 for Remote Connection

SNI-NVR10RemoteSetupTechnical Support Knowledge Base: Sniper Cameras

Setting up NVR-10 for Remote Connection

***IMPORTANT: This setup is the alternative to using the USA2 Server. The 4G cameras will not be compatible unless they are hardwired into an existing network. You will need a PC that will be dedicated to running the NVR-10 software at all times, otherwise the cameras will not be accessible remotely.***

read more

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20 Mar 2015

Sniper Relay Server Support

Sniper Relay Server Support

Important Update for Sniper Camera Cloud Service for Sniper Cameras beginning with “ELI-SNI”

The Sniper relay server will no longer be subsidized by eLine Technology. For Sniper Cameras that are connected to a network without the use of 4G/3G you may choose to set up the sniper camera without the use of the relay server, read the following Tech support document for guidance on this issue.

For the Remote viewing and access to your Sniper “ELI-SNI” camera you can utilize

If you need Tech Support in regards to the relay server please email

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04 Nov 2014

Bypass port forwarding with HDCVI and P2P

HD-CVI not only provides an affordable 1080p transmission over coaxial cable but, it is also easy to install and one of the reasons why is because HDCVI DVRs from eLine Technology utilize peer-to-peer (p2p) networking that allows the user to bypass port forwarding.
How does this feature work? If you own an HDCVI DVR from eLine Technology and have your DVR connected to the cameras and to the network all you have to do is enable P2P and then your DVR is ready to be accessed remotely.
This information is provided to help users connect their HDCVI DVR to a network, enable P2P, and setup remote monitoring from Mobile devices and from a browser.
Click Here to Download step-by-step Instructions or please utilize our video tutorials to help guide you through setting up your HDCVI DVR.

 How to setup an HDCVI DVR, Connect to the network and Enable P2P

How to Setup HDCVI on your Mobile Device

Download the mobile applications:

Questek MMS

iMMS Lite

Set up HDCVI on your Browser

HDCVI P2P Webiste:

If you are interested in learning more about HDCVI Technology, HDCVI Cameras and HDCVI DVRs contact us or call 800.683.6835.


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18 Oct 2013

How to put live video on your website from a surveillance camera

Installing live streaming video feeds on your website is easy with and eLine security camera

There are many applications for having live video on a web page. Cities, resorts, tourism businesses, and vacation homes can have a weather cam. Day cares and schools can have live video available to parents. Pet boarding services and pet owners can have a doggie-cam.

We make it easy by providing the web page code that you can customize with your own camera  information. You will need some knowledge of how to upload a file to your website’s host server.

The below instructions produce a public web page that anyone can access over the internet. If you would like a password protected web page, please consult a web designer/developer. Currently, audio is not available.

Download the web page html document

Six steps get you up and running with live streaming video

  1. Download the html file and open it using a text editor like Notepad++ or a code editor like Adobe Dreamweaver
  2. Reference the screenshot of the code below. The Server and Port are already set to eLine’s information. Do not change those.
  3. Replace ‘username’,’password’ with your camera’s username and password.
  4. Replace “CameraID” with your camera’s ID.
  5. “Save As” with the file name of your choice but keep the extension as .html
  6. You will need ftp access to your website’s server. Upload the html file to your website’s root directory. The url to your video page will be


*The demo features an added headline and text

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