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31 May 2016
27 May 2016

How to configure Motion Detection and recording for eLine Tribrid Recorders

Technical Support Knowledge Base: How to configure Motion Detection and recording for eLine Tribrid Recorders

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From Live screen:

  • Right click and choose Main Menu
  • Login
  • Click on the CAMERA icon [bottom row]
  • Click on ENCODE [Left column]
  • Select the recording resolution and frame rates desired for each camera
  • Click APPLY and SAVE when all cameras have been adjusted
  • ENABLE motion for each channel
  • Click region SETUP (do this for all channels) To select a region – left click and drag across screen to turn blocks red RED = Motion CLEAR = NO motion


  •  Right click to exit region settings
  • Click APPLY and SAVE
  • Click on the STORAGE icon [bottom row]
  • Click SCHEDULE
  • Click on the COG WHEEL icon  [right side]
  • Deselect REGULAR and SELECT MD for Period 1


  •  Select ALL for all days, click SAVE
  • Click COPY and select ALL for all cameras
  • Click APPLY
  • Click RECORD [Left column]
  • Select ALL button listed under MAIN STREAM  SCHEDULE (or it also may say AUTO)
  • Click APPLY/OK
  • Right-Click to exit the Menu A green camera / red running men icons appear at the top right corner of each camera if motion is detecting. THERE ARE NO ICONS visible if motion is not being detected.


  •  Green camera = Recording to the HDD
  • Red running men = Motion is enabled and working
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27 May 2016

eLine Tribrid DVR How to guide Startup Wizard and Configure Motion Detection

eLine Tribrid DVR How to guide Startup Wizard and Configure Motion Detection

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  • When the system has started, and the wizard is still enabled:Deselect ‘startup’ Click NEXT STEP  [FIG. 1]

Figure 1: Startup Wizard Screen
Figure 1: Startup Wizard Screen

  • Verify HDD is set to overwrite
  • Click DATE&TIME  Tab
  • Configure your system date and time settings *Suggestion* Do not enable NTP unless required
  • Click NEXT STEP
  • Plug in a network cable, and select DHCP (to obtain an IP and verify the connection)  [FIG. 2]
Figure 2: Select the circle dot to high-lite yellow next to DHCP

Figure 2: Select the circle dot to high-lite yellow next to DHCP

  • Click NEXT STEP
  • Click on the ‘cog wheel’ button on the right side of the screen [FIG.3]

Figure 3: On this screen click the "cog-wheel or gear" button
Figure 3: On this screen click the “cog-wheel or gear” button

  • Deselect REGULAR and SELECT MD for Period 1 [FIG.4]

Figure 4: make sure MD is highlighted and check yellow and Regular is not
Figure 4: make sure MD is highlighted and check yellow and Regular is not

  •  Select ALL for all days, click SAVE
  • Click COPY and apply to all channels
  • Click FINISH
  • Right-Click main screen choose MAIN MENU
  • Login
  • Click STORAGE icon > SETTINGS row
  • Click RECORD in the left column [FIG.5]

Figure 5: On this screen click record highlighted in black

Figure 5: On this screen click record highlighted in black

  • Select ALL button listed under MAIN STREAM – SCHEDULE (or may say AUTO)

  • SAVE
  • Right-Click to exit the Menu System is now configured for motion recording

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27 May 2016

eLine Tribrid DVR and NVR’s Search Mode and Export procedure How to Guide

Technical Support Knowledge Base: Search Mode and Export procedure How to Guide

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Basic search From Live camera view:

  1. Figure 1: Right click to populate menu and choose SEARCH

    Figure 1: Right click to populate menu and choose SEARCH

    Right-click and choose SEARCH  [FIG. 1]

  2. Click the calendar DATE for playback [FIG. 2] Light blue = recorded video on that date
  3. Select the channel grid and camera selection (below the calendar)
  4. Click on a colored area in the timeline at the bottom Yellow = Motion  Green = Manual/Constant Red = Alarm
  5. The timeline displays 24hrs by default,  to decrease the span of time, click on the + icons labeled 2hr / 1 hr / 30min (bottom right corner)
  6. To change the selected camera, you must stop the playback first
    Figure 2: Click the calendar date. High-lite in light blue.

    Figure 2: Click the calendar date. High-lite in light blue.

Exporting video Comes in 2 Methods

Method 1:

  1. From live screen, plug in a USB flash drive, and wait for the selection window to appear
  2. Click on FILE BACKUP [FIG. 3]
  3. Input the Start time / End time [FIG. 4]
  4. Choose the RECORD CHANNEL that you want to backup
  5. Choose the FILE FORMAT DAV = Will need the video player  ASF = Will playback through Windows Media Player
    Figure 3: Once USB is plugged in this selection window will appear

    Figure 3: Once USB is plugged in this selection window will appear

  6. Click ADD
  7. Any file found for the time frame indicated will populate in the backup box.  Put a checkmark in each file you want to export
  8. Click BACKUP
  9. A progress bar will appear and when complete, you can remove the USB drive

Method 2:

  1. From live screen, right click and choose MAIN MENU
  2. Login
  3. Click the BACKUP icon on the top row
    Figure 4: Choose the star time and End Time from the timeline

    Figure 4: Choose the star time and End Time from the timeline

  4. Follow steps 3-9 from Method 1 above  
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31 Mar 2016

5 Ways banks are using Video based business Analytics

The American Bankers Association estimates that the latter crime costs (such as debit cards that have been stolen, counterfeit checks and fraud in bank deposits) costs the banking industry $1.9 billion in losses in 2014.

Video surveillance can help banking institutions investigate, prevent and solve financial crimes faster and more effectively. Security systems with smart security analytics and intelligence can take financial surveillance to the next level. To proactively detect fraud analytic security systems  systems save investigators time and resources by pinpointing suspicious behavior quickly.

5 ways smart video security and analytics can help you.

  1. Sensitive Area access control monitoring:
    • Using video analytics, banking institutions can monitor areas of great interests and create an alert when a physical action takes place. Events opening a safe, cash exchange and transfer, night deposit box opens or when someone enters a sensitive area.
  2. Safeguarding Surveillance Cameras with Active Tampering Alarms
    • Analytics can help ensure video is protected by generating real-time alerts if cameras are blocked or moved.
  3. Finding Check and Identity Fraud
    • Since most check fraud occurs on new back accounts intelligent video solutions enables banks to locate checks with low numbers, decreasing the amount of time it takes to find fraud. If someone’s account has been compromised, corresponding surveillance video to find the culprit.
  4. Discovering Cash Harvesting and Suspicious Behaviors at ATMs
    • By deploying the right kind of analytics over their ATMs, banks and credit unions can quickly detect potential incidents of cash harvesting through automated system reports on this kind of activity.
  5. Detecting the Installation of ATM Skimming Devices
    • Video-based analytics and intelligence VMS helps combat the installation of skimming devices by detecting when someone is standing at an ATM for an extended period of time without making a transaction. Analytic Smart security can send alerts in real-time, allowing for quick investigation and removal of the skimming device.

If you are interested in learning more about the smart security video analytics and how it could help you business feel free to call one of security advisors for your security assessment or contact your local distribution office to find out how you can get eLine Technology’s Eystream Smart Security. Call 800.683.6835


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14 Jan 2016

eLine Technology Releases Solar Powered 4G Wireless Camera Systems to step up security in remote areas

eLine Technology is excited to announce two Solar Powered 4G security camera systems, making security a breeze for remote areas or locations with limited power and internet. Powered by the natural energy of the sun, these cameras connect to 4G, creating an easy bridge to Cloud Service to access surveillance from anywhere.

eLine Technology began their leap into the world of 4G Wireless with their Solar Powered Wireless 4G Cellular Site Camera that ensures quality surveillance ideal for construction sites, oil and gas wells, and ranch and wildlife monitoring, and other locations with limited power and internet accessibility. Completely solar powered with internal battery for 4 days of 24/7 operation for days with little sunlight, this camera is an easy 20 minute installation, and provides professional video streaming, continuous recording, time-lapse photography and on-demand imaging. The MultiSense Cloud Service provides web-based viewing of camera’s images and video from any PC or mobile device and provides monthly 1GB to 5GB data packages to fit customer’s needs.

  • 100% Solar Powered, 100% wireless surveillance + time-lapse
  • High resolution, color images and video
  • Live video streaming (H.264)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) built-in – 5 MP stills or 780p video
  • Extremely simple installation and set up
  • Compact: small and light weight for easy one-person install
  • Event alerting (via text or e-mail) and logging
  • Built-in cellular for operation anywhere
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n WiFi- works with standard access points
  • System complete with battery, power and solar panel
  • Monthly data plans provided by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Rogers Cellular (in Canada)
  • Available accessories include transport case, tripod kit and cable lock


In continuing eLine Technology’s push to provide their customers with more options, they are excited to announce their NEW Solar Motion Activated Security Camera with IR, making security a breeze for remote areas or locations with limited power and internet. Powered by the natural energy of the sun, this camera connects to 4G wireless, creating an easy bridge to Cloud Portal Service to access data from anywhere. This exciting new camera also has motion detection and IR night vision. This RSI Remote Security Series is ideal for construction sites, oil and gas wells, storage yards, and ranch and wildlife monitoring. With three methods for acquiring pictures, all pictures and video are sent over the cellular network to our “cloud-based” server network, giving you full access to the camera’s video, pictures and cloud feature set. Customers can control everything from the camera’s settings to recordings. Email and text alerts can also be customized to fit customers’ needs. This camera works worldwide and comes pre-configured before shipment to the customer to ensure easy operation upon arrival.

  • 100% Solar Powered, 100% wireless surveillance + time lapse
  • Cellular 4G transmission (wireless)
  • Motion Sensor (PIR Thermal) up to 50 feet range
  • Night Vision IR up to 50 feet
  • High definition 2 MP 1280 x 1024
  • Internal battery provides 24/7 Operation up to 10 days power back up for days with little sunlight
  • Built-in cellular operation anywhere
  • Dual HD lenses: B&W night view & full color for day time
  • Create, share and embed time-lapse video (text and e-mail alerts)
  • Built to for a quality surveillance video experience
  • Cloud Service for web access from any PC or mobile device
  • 3 methods for gathering pictures: scheduled time intervals, motion detection and live requests
  • Contract FREE Unlimited Data Plan for low monthly fee


To learn more about eLine Technology Security Products Visit

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20 Nov 2015

IP Network Technology Selling Guide for the Security Professional

To the Security Integrator, Dealer or installer looking to sell IP video security systems, but also thinking to themselves, “Where is the best place to start?” Look no further, this article was written for you. The IP Network Technology Selling Guide for the Security Professional was written to provide a little insight on some best practices, when it comes to IP Network Technology and on the benefits of using it for your client’s next project.

IP Network video surveillance has come leaps and bounds and technology advances really overcome many sales objections that IP video use to have. Some of these concerns included lack of reliability, cost, latency, security concerns and bandwidth usage. These concerns have pretty much been eliminated in recent years, making IP network technology an adaptable, reliable and expandable technology ideal for video security.

IP Network Video Security Systems come with great benefits and have exceeded in video resolutions going from 1080P HD and beyond all the way up to 4K ultra HD resolutions. IP Network systems also exceed in integration capabilities allowing for more advance technologies to be adopted such and video analytics and intelligent surveillance tools that are increasingly becoming more viable to small retailers and other markets.

In fact, what seems to be the biggest disadvantage compared to the RG-59 technology’s (Analog, CVI or TVI) is that the transmission distance is  up to 1500feet (500m) standard. Where for IP System installed on cat5, the transmission distance is about 328 feet (100m) standard, which is easily increased by the use of an extender, which will allow you can go up to 1000ft comfortably.

Nearly all large video surveillance jobs have moved to IP Network within the past few years due to the increased flexibility and stability of the technology. With many large infrastructures adopting IP network technology what does this mean for users that require a 16 camera installation or less and how can I better communicate the benefit of IP to them?

Well, the best way to sell any video security system is to first understand the customer’s security goals and expectations, and with the many integration options for IP it also make since to know your customers business goals.


Step 1: Understand your customers security goals and expectations

  • What does your client hope to gain from their system
  • What are your client’s expectations?
  • What are their business related goals?
  • What is their budget?

Step 2: Create a video security system that help solve their needs

  • How can your system help them now or in the future?
  • Will the system help achieve their goals while keeping installation cost reasonable?


Step 3: Examine the infrastructure:

  • Is there an existing system in place?
  • Do they have Cat5 or RG-59 analog cable in place?
  • Do they want to change out the entire infrastructure or utilize hybrid or Tribrid technology?

Step 4: Explain the value the System:

  • Help the customer understand the features, adaptability and the expandable technology so they understand the worth of the system.
  • Explain the remote monitoring features for the web browser
  • Explain the benefits of remote viewing from your Mobile device


Step 5: Explain how adaptable the system and the growth opportunities:

  • How can the customer add to the system?
  • Maybe down the line the customer wants to add in analytics
  • Maybe the customer will want to add cloud based applications.


When it comes to a client who has interests in gaining some additional advantages or features out of their video system, whether it is business intelligence like inventory control or customer traffic pattern monitoring, an IP Network System will keep your client open for future advancements. Where Analog, CVI or TVI technology do not necessarily have that opportunity.


Key sales tools to utilize:

  • Visual representation and comparison of IP resolutions.
  • 960H vs 1080p: HDCVI & HDTVI
  • 1080p and Higher Ultra HD: IP NETOWRK!!
  • Examples of Analytics or cloud based features
  • Examples Remote monitoring features

The Client on a Budget

When selling to a budget minded customer, the primary objective should always be to establish all the benefits VS the cost. This comes from completing step 1: and understanding your client’s goals and expectations. Based on the systems intended use the application will vary and general video observation does not require the same versatility as a system that has a need for analytics, license plate capture or facial recognition features.

The key is to educate the client both about the systems capabilities and features in comparison to what their budget will allow. A detailed analysis of the client’s needs and goals will allow for a more complete sale and also builds up you’re up credibility and trust within client eyes. Which may lead to future jobs or referrals from your client. Meeting budget constraints is not the key objective when the IP video system fails to fulfill the intended purpose.

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17 Sep 2015

Video Surveillance for Correctional Facilities

Video Surveillance for Correctional Facilities

Prisons, Jails and Administrative Building Security Systems for Security Professionals

When Prison and security professionals cannot be everywhere at once, HD surveillance systems (CCTV) can play an important role to help maintain order and ensure safer work environments.  With eLine Technology it has never been a better time to bring you high definition surveillance. From IP network surveillance to HD over coaxial cable with HDCVI. eLine Technology’s surveillance consultants can help craft the security system that will optimize your facility’s security. Our Consultants at eLine are experienced in the latest technologies and have the knowledge to customize a professional surveillance system to meet your facility’s needs, weather that be a Prison, Jail or Administrative building.  Schedule a Consultation  With eLine Technology Today!

Benefits of Surveillance cameras to prisons:

monitor public-areas evidence prevent


  • Monitor inmate and officer activity: prevent or stop violent situations before situations escalate, maintain officer and inmate safety. Be able detect contraband efficiently.
  • Improve visual coverage: HD video surveillance allows for clear crisp imagery when monitoring public areas, IR (night vision) Security Cameras also allow for improved visuals in low light or dark areas.
  • Provide Visual evidence: Archived surveillance footage is valuable resource when investigating prison incidents.
  • Safer transport: Security cameras installed in hallways and throughout cell blocks provide an enhanced level of safety when inmates and others are escorted through the facility.

Recommended Technologies:

hdcvi-logo ipnetwork-logo
High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Technology

  • Cost Effective Upgrade: Use existing Cat5 or RG59 cable installations. No need to run new cabling when upgrading from traditional analog.
  • 1080p HD video Clear Crips Imagery in 1080p for monitoring inmate and officer activity.
  • Night Vision: IR LED cameras up to 35meters for improved visibility in low light and dark areas
  • Get a Closer look: Cameras with 2.8mm-12mm motorized zoom lens allows you to remotely zoom for a closer view.

Click Here to View our Line of HDCVI Products or Click Here to Learn more about the HDCVI Technology

IP Network Surveillance

  • HD network cameras and Megapixel cameras provide superior image quality 1080p and Beyond
  • Censored alarm security for off limited areas or doors. When a sensor area is entered an alarm is triggered that prompts action for security professionals.
  • wo way audio communication where security professionals can alert guards to a situation thru the surveillance camera
  • Video Analytics VMS eyStream is available for network cameras: Situation analysis includes line crossing, zone entry, loitering, stopping in the zone, motion in the zone, zone exit.

Click Here to View our Line of IP Network Cameras and NVRS or Click Here to Learn more about the IP Network Technology

eLine Technology’s Security Professionals are Standing by:

eLine Technoloy’s Surveillance and security professionals are experienced in creating and recommending the best technologies and equipment to fit your needs. Call 800.683.6835 or Click here to Contact an eLine Representative today.

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29 Jul 2015

Security Integrator and Distributor Guide to Selling 4K Security Systems

4K is that fancy new TV resolution that no one can afford yet right? It’s true that the new 4K TV’s come with quite a price tag, but your security can still benefit from 4K even without the help of a 4K monitor here is a little advice when it comes  to selling 4K Security Systems.

There are 6 Selling points we recommend when selling 4K Security Systems 

  1. The NVRs are affordable and can record 1.3mp up to 12mp
  2. Mix and match Cameras: add 4K cameras to high security areas
  3. One 4K camera is equal in price to the cost of two 2MP cameras
  4. Higher mega pixels allows for better quality digital zoom
    • beneficial in cases of litigation or theft
    • provides more pixels for better analysis
  5. Cover multiple options for the customer in your quote
    • Give the customer choice
  6. NVRs with 12MP recording are ready for future camera upgrades

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23 Jul 2015

Optimizing your eLine 4K IP Camera

How to get the best quality and performance from your 4K IP Camera

For most of us 4K is no longer a new word. With 8MP to 12MP cameras and resolutions at 3840 x 2160, the ultra HD technology offers security professionals new ways to enhance and improve security and surveillance efforts.
eLine Technology has released several products with 4K technology in 2015. Affordable 4K NVR’s that record and playback up to 12mp, and elite high performance IP cameras, all at an affordable price point.

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